This is the perfect time to go on that backpacking trip you have been putting aside for years

When it comes to outdoor gear Outdoors Geek is your best friend. You see, The Geek has already tested all the gear for you and knows what Baltoro Backpack for rentworks and what doesn’t. And believe me when you are the one doing the carrying, you want what has been tested before. By renting one of our backpacking packages you know you are taking the best with you and you are taking the essentials for that trip. You wouldn’t be very pleased if you realized half way you were missing this, or could have done without the other.

With Outdoors Geek you do not have to purchase the gear before the trip. Go online see what we have available depending on your needs. Rent it, go on the trip and try it out and if you absolutely love it, then buy it!

Our Base Backpacking Rental Package contains award winning gear by the best brands in the outdoor industry. These tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads make up the core of our quality product line at Outdoors Geek. We have personally gear tested all of the products in our rental backpacking packages. And, these packages make up the rental gear that backpackers have raved about since our inception.

Not all great gear is super light.  We have put together a Super Light Rental Package that will take a load off your back. Whether you go solo or with a group, all of our super light two to four person packages weigh under 10 pounds per person. So, let your buddies haul their heavy weight gear and you go super light. We won’t tell!

Outdoors Geek and The North Face have partnered to bring you exclusive rental backpacking packages including The North Face tents and sleeping bags. When you have The North Face, you know you have great gear. The North Face brand inspires confidence worldwide for quality gear and we are excited to have an exclusive backpacking package built around their tents and sleeping bags. 





Outdoors Geek

Simply put, we love the outdoors and Outdoors Geek is here to help put quality outdoor experiences within your reach. We have a wide range of outdoor experience including backpacking, camping, hiking, group trips, guiding, canoeing, car camping, fly fishing high mountain lakes, hunting trips, climbing 14ers, and more. We are the only place on the planet where you can Rent itTry it, or Buy it. You can count on Outdoors Geek for top notch gear and all the help you need to make your outdoors adventure happen.For more than 20 years, we have been testing everything from packs, to tents, to stoves and hundreds of other products. We’ve got the good stuff right here at Outdoors Geek. And we’re not just talking about Colorado for renting or buying Camping Gear, we will ship anywhere!