When we say “Remarkable Gear, Crazy Clean, Every Single Time” we really mean it. We believe in it, we live it everyday, and we train all the geeks that it’s what makes Outdoors Geek special.

Remarkable Gear

Outdoors Geek Founders
When my wife Corina and I started Outdoors Geek in order to provide rental camping equipment, one of our very first commitments was that we would always provide our clients with great gear. There were a lot of good reasons for this decision, but the key reason is that remarkable gear is the cornerstone of a fun outdoor experience. To put it another way; cheap tents leak, cheap sleeping bags sleep cold, and cheap sleeping pads suck, cheap backpacks are not comfortable…..and I could go on and on.
So, we were very fortunate to first be accepted as a dealer by Gregory Packs. We were so thrilled to have such a great brand on our side for rental backpacks. Next, we were referred to Marmot and they agreed to provide us with rental tents and sleeping bags for rent. And finally, to round things out in our first year, we were so fortunate to bring Big Agnes on board for technical tents and sleeping pads.
Since then, we have added great brand after great brand like Davis Canvas Tents, The North Face, GSI, MSR, and more and more. We are very proud of the quality gear we carry and we are so fortunate to have such great brand partners who stand behind their products.

Crazy Clean

When I think about renting a tent to live in, a sleeping pad to sleep on, or renting a sleeping bag to sleep inside of….I think it better be really clean. Seriously, we know you think the same way. And why shouldn’t you. We are committed to crazy clean. Included in this promise is that we won’t give you gear that feels worn or looks tired. We want you to love all the gear that we provide and we are committed to doing what it takes to make sure of it.

Every Single Time

This is our way of saying “we guarantee it”. We have created a company culture here at Outdoors Geek where everyone understands that things have to be done right every single time. We check and we re-check because we know your vacation or your adventure is in our hands. We believe in what we do and you can count on us….every single time!