If you’re looking for that never ending hike where nature stretches out before you further than the eye can see, then hiking the Colorado Trail is a geek’s dream come true. You can spend a day or multiple weeks trekking through the Rocky Mountains, scaling the peaks, wading through creeks, and exploring the diverse ecosystems along the 500 mile stretch from Denver to Durango. Just make sure you have the right hiking and backpacking equipment to sustain you in the wilderness and protect you from the elements.

Rent backpacking equipment in Denver

Expect everything and anything while hiking the 500-mile Colorado Trail through the Rocky Mountains.

Day hiking the Colorado Trail

If you’re heading to the Colorado Trail for a quick day adventure, you can pick from 28 different drop-off spots along the trail. This is a great way to hike the whole trail, one day at a time. We don’t all have weeks on end to play Lewis and Clark, but each section has different skill levels, depending on your level of fitness and your hiking preferences.

You won’t need to pack a whole lot, just some tasty snacks, plenty of drinking water, and some rain gear should a rainstorm find you on the trail. This is Colorado; you just never know what Mother Nature has to offer, and the weather could change in an instant. Be prepared.

Backpacking the Colorado Trail

It has been heard told that backpacking the Colorado Trail can be a life-altering experience. You’d think that a trail wouldn’t demand a lot of respect or hiking prowess, but this trail spans over 500 miles, and you will experience various levels of difficulty along the way. Proper equipment, navigational tools, and backcountry hiking experience is a must. Before you head out, be sure to familiarize yourself with the trail so that you can come prepared for the 4-6 weeks it takes to complete the trek.

Rent backpacking gear in Colorado

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All-weather backpacking equipment for hiking the Colorado Trail

You are going to experience a little bit of everything when you hike the Colorado Trail. It’s like a 500-mile smorgasbord of outdoor goodness. You can pick and choose, or you can try it all. However long you’ll be spending on the Colorado Trail, be sure to check out our quality gear packages and gear rentals, including sleeping bag rentals and tent rentals.

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