Where to Camp?

Camping opportunities are endless in the US. Most noteworthy are State Parks, BLM land (Bureau of Land Management), and privately owned campgrounds. Depending on where you would like to camp in the US and what time of year you are going, you may need an early reservation. Or the opposite could be true and you may need no reservation at all. For the purposes of this list, we are providing five links to different types of camping opportunities. These will give you a good place to start on where to camp in the US.

And let’s face it, “Where to Camp” is a big question because so much depends on what you want our of your camping experience. Furthermore, service levels for campsites range from a non reserved area that you can pull off and camp with no amenities, to reserved areas with no amenities. Or, a reserved areas with endless amenities. Therefore, it’s important to think about what your group or family wants and needs before hand.


Questions to answer before hand

  • Do you require either electric hook ups or access to electricity?
  • Is either a bathroom or outhouse important?
  • Do you require a shower to be available?
  • Is the size of the campsite more or less what you are looking for?
  • Do you want a high service level including things like having either a  lake or swimming pool?
  • Is privacy, or not camping right next to another group important?
  • Is it noteworthy, or even critical, if there are activities close by for group members or children?
  • For your group, is per night cost relevant?

Furthermore, you may have other unique questions. Talk to your group about what they want and you will have a much better chance of finding the perfect site for you.

Camp Site Information Links



Forest Ranger Stations are very helpful and may be especially relevant to your search. You can find them almost anywhere in the United States. Just use Google to find the Forest Ranger Station near where you want to go and give them a call. A truly terrific resource to figure out where to camp!