Easy campfire meal

Now that you’ve made your Thanksgiving campsite reservation it’s time to plan your menu. Thanksgiving is a beautiful time to camp! Getting the family together huddled around the campfire is a sure fire way to relax and make some memories! Here is a fuss-free Thanksgiving Campfire Menu that will have you spending more time with family than in the kitchen on this special day!

A Fuss-Free Thanksgiving Campfire Menu:

1. Turkey at the campsite? Yes, sir! Camping and grilling just got together. Don’t fret, grilling a turkey is easier than it sounds. If you feel too overwhelmed at the thought you may even consider only grilling large turkey legs instead of the whole turkey. We recommend a small campfire grill for best results and faster cooking time. Cook according to the weight of the turkey. building a fire, tips for campfire

You will need to get your charcoal nice and hot. Arrange your coals to allow for a ring of indirect heat as well. Place your drip pan with water in it on the rack just above the coals. Keep water in the pan at all times to keep the grease from burning and smoking. Dress you turkey with your desired seasonings, butter the outside and place your turkey, legs tied, on the grill rack. You will need to keep your heat at 350 degrees for the entire length of cook time. Keep the grill lid closed to ensure the heat maintains, and pay attention to side vents allowing sufficient air to enter to maintain the intensity of the flame, but not snuff out the flames.

2. Dutch Oven Sweet Potatoes. Drizzle some Olive oil over the bottom of your dutch oven. Arrange your sweet potatoes with a little water. Hang it over the fire with the lid securely in place to allow for vapor to accumulate. When tender, add marshmallows and serve!

3. Fall Veggie Medley. Toss a variety of your favorite seasonal veggies such as butternut squash and green beans, in your grill pan. Add your favorite seasoning, some minced garlic and a drizzle of olive oil and to the grill they go! Cook the veggies last, as they will cook more quickly than the rest of your meal.

Campfire Marshmellows

But What About Dessert? Here’s Some Tasty Campfire Dessert Ideas:

While you could absolutely serve the classic campfire dessert, S’Mores! You may want to try your hand at apple cobbler, campfire style.

Once you’ve cleaned your dutch oven, toss in 6 large granny smith apples peeled and diced. Sprinkle with sugar-cinnamon and butter to your liking. Next, place 2 cups of your favorite pre-mixed granola and 1 cup of water on top. Place your dutch oven, lid securely closed, over the grill grate for 30 minutes.

Thanksgiving at the campsite doesn’t have to be complicated. Skip the hours of shopping and preparation and endless clean up with this simple fuss free meal plan that will keep your family sitting around the campfire instead of drying dishes!