Fishing is one of the greatest pastimes in human history! Whether people have done it for survival or adventure, it has been around nearly as long as man has. There are many benefits of spending time fishing, whether you go fishing alone or with some friends or family.

Fishing creates opportunities for solitude and bonding

4 great reasons why you can’t skip fishing on your next camping or hiking trip!

1. Fishing Provides Solitude and Bonding: Fishing is one of those activities that can be just as rewarding when done alone or with family and friends. If you decide to go alone, you will have ample opportunity to reflect, which is always gratifying. The serenity of the water and the centered feeling nature gives us makes the solo fishing trip a top choice! However, deciding to go with family and friends is also very rewarding. It allows one to connect with those closest to them or to create new, potentially lifelong friendships.

2. Fishing is a Healthy Hobby: Fishing is a healthy hobby, getting us outdoors and away from the busyness of everyday life. Fishing is especially great for helping kids focus their energy somewhere positive. With constant entertainment and distractions surrounding them, fishing is a great way for kids to unplug. Fishing also helps us see the world around us. So it may help teach children to enjoy and appreciate nature.

Fishing with the Geek, Take your fishing pole along on your next camping trip3. Fishing is Exciting: Few things can compare to the thrill of the catch! Feeling a fish strike your line when you have been waiting gives an immediate boost of adrenaline and excitement! Many fishermen have been “hooked” on the sport once they experienced that first catch. It creates an experience to be remembered forever.

4. Fishing Encourages Environmental Awareness: Spending time outdoors, whether camping, hiking, or fishing raises environmental awareness. Spending time on the water helps children and adults notice the subtle changes in the outdoors around them over time. You will see changes in land development, water levels and quality, as well as changes in the natural habitat. This information makes one more informed and educated on where they can play in protecting the great outdoors so that future generations can enjoy them as well.

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Take your fishing gear along on your next camping trip. Add a little extra fun to your outdoor adventures this fall, with an exciting catch! Whether you enjoy fishing for the time of solitude and reflection or the bonding experiences you create, fishing is a pastime worth the investment! Get outdoors this Fall and enjoy Nature!