Let the big game hunting season begin!

Renting hunting tents and equipment in Denver

Make sure you add some comfortable cots and sleeping pads. You’ll need it after a full day of big game hunting.

It’s that time of year – the colors are changing all around us, and it’s time to break out your hunting gear, tents, and accessories and head out and hunt some big game in Colorado. For beginners, it’s easy to get caught up in the type of weapon you want to use and what ammo to bring, but if this is your first hunt, there are a few other things to consider in terms of equipment. You need to have a large canvas hunting tent to comfortably fit your whole group, and accessories to protect your butt while you’re out hunting.

Hunting wall tents and gear for Colorado hunting season

The Davis Canvas wall tent is top of the line and is perfect for any hunting trip across the US.

Big game hunting is hard on your behind

Unless you’re extremely lucky, chances are you’re going to be spending a lot of time sitting and waiting. Often, you are waiting in crouched positions that are not natural for your back, and even with a little extra junk in the truck, your butt will not give you enough cushion to sustain you for hours on end. At first, the adrenaline and anticipation of killing your first big game will carry you for the first hour, but after a while, your butt becomes painfully numb. A weird combination, but every hunter will know this sensation.

We recommend you bring a cushion or a small chair, something lightweight and comfortable that gives your back a break when you find your spot in the wild and wait. And wait. And wait.

Big game hunting is hard on your entire body

Hopefully, all that waiting pays off, and you get a quick, clean kill shot, bringing down a deer, elk, moose, or pronghorn. Now, you need to get your trophy and bring it back to camp. If you have never tried to move a dead animal, be prepared to be overwhelmed by the weight. You are not just dealing with the weight of a big animal – you are dealing with the weight of a big dead animal. Dead weight is incredibly tough to move. Even if you have friends to help you out, it’s not like the animal comes with an easy to carry handles.

Hunting tents for rent in Denver

The weight of a dead deer is a lot more than you think. Rent comfortable hunting accessories to rest your bones when you return to camp.

For the first time big game hunter, moving a dead animal may be the hardest workout of your life. When you get the animal back to camp – sweaty, tired, and proud – you will thank Outdoors Geek for suggesting that you fill your canvas wall tent with comfortable cots, chairs, and sleeping pads.

For extra camp comfort, we’ve got wood-burning stoves and two burner stoves so that you can cook up great meals as you settle down around the campfire and share your hunting stories or size up the trophies of the day.

Rent canvas wall tents, gear, and accessories for big game hunting in Colorado

Outdoors Geek rents hunting tents to hunters all over the United States during the fall of each year. We take pride in our tents and equipment, and it shows when you rent or buy from Outdoors Geek. We try to make our rental periods work for your hunting event.

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