Nothing better than spending time as a family outdoors

Preparing everything to have an amazing camping trip now that Spring is just arriving, is not only fun, it can also be a daring task. Surely you are looking for a great campsite location that offers lots of adventure and is a really safe place for the family. So whether you are an experienced camper or this is your first attempt to pulls this off, these tips for trips with the family, more so if you have little ones, are important to consider.

1. Plan to arrive for set up during daylightAmazing forest sightseeing

If you´re setting up a tent, arrive at camp in the early morning when it´s still nice and cool. Or in the afternoon, but allow enough time to set up the tent before the sun goes down. Depending where you camp, holding a flashlight or lamp as you try to set up tent poles is not easy, more so if it´s your first camping trip with that specific tent.


camping with kids and pets2. Setting up the tent as a family

Make sure your kids are old enough to teach them how to set up a tent. If not, still let them help you with the set up. Basic principle of learning: if they watch, they will start to familiarize with the process of how to do it. They will probably enjoy it more too by doing it along your side, feeling more like your sidekick and less like it´s a chore. If you have never set the tent, practice at home before you try it in the wild. And please, read all the instructions, don´t improvise, more even so if you ignored our first advice and arrived at the campsite by night.


3. Double and triple check that you have EVERYTHING your family needs

Do you have everything you need for your camping trip? What about your camping gear? Camping makes life happier, but only if you have everything you need. Outdoors Geek´s camping gear options can make life easier for everyone and get you really organized. With us, you don´t need to spend lots of money buying everything new. You can rent it from us, and if you like what you got, you can buy it, once you have tried it.


Spending time in the outdoors makes everything worthwhile, you can continue your journey with us: Let the magic of adventure begin.

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