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Rent camping gear

Rent your camping gear and keep your outdoor adventure options open.

Having options is great. It’s also great to be able to change your mind. Renting your camping gear is the solution to choosing the perfect gear, then changing your mind and choosing different gear for your next outdoor adventure.

Save money by renting your gear

When you look for the perfect tent, backpack, or other gear, there are so many things to consider. The type of tent you get for a family vacation is going to be different than the type of tent you bring when you’re hiking a fourteener. If you plan on hiking for two weeks, you’re going to need to consider the weight and size of your gear, but if you’re staying in one place, you may want to think of a few comfort and luxury items.

Sometimes we head outdoors for solitude and self-reflection, and other times we bring a cooler of beer and a handful of our closest friends. Sometimes we’re testing our limits, and other times we want comfort. Whatever your expectations are for your outdoor experience, there is gear that can help you meet those expectations. The problem is that it’s not all the same gear, and buying one type of equipment may limit your options for your next adventure.

Camping gear changes with the seasons

You need to consider function, but you also want to think about fashion. Renting your camping equipment means you can test and play with the newest technology, but you can also allow yourself to be a little vain and match the color of your equipment with each season. Speaking of being a little vain, we’ve all spotted a fellow geek on the trails and had a little gear envy. Renting means having a lot of choices, and always being able to change your mind, your style, and your gear.

Keep your options open and rent your camping supplies

Don’t let your equipment dictate what type of outdoor adventures you can have. If you rent your camping gear, tents, backpacks, and equipment, then you can choose your own adventure.

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