Hi and thanks so much for trusting Outdoors Geek to provide great gear for your upcoming adventure! To help ensure you have a fun worry-free trip, we provide optional insurance coverage for both your rental gear, and possible itinerary changes you may run into. Outlined below are our insurance options, Trip Insurance covers changes to plans, and Gear Insurance covers possible damage to your rental gear. Please see the Trip Insurance blurb, and the Gear Insurance chart for explanations. Don’t hesitate to call or email if you have any questions!


Insurance Coverage Options

Trip Insurance:

Trip Insurance provides you with an extended cancellation period, and refunds if you do need to cancel your trip. Our rental policy  states that 48 hours after placing your rental order, a cancellation will result in a 10% administrative fee, and no refund will be given if canceling within two weeks of your pickup or ship date. Trip Insurance allows you to cancel up to 48 hours from your pickup/ship date, and gets your refund in full (minus Trip Insurance). The world, especially in the last few years, can be pretty crazy! With Trip Insurance you have the option to mitigate some of this craziness. Check out our Rental Policy page, or shoot us an email if you have any other questions. Please keep in mind, Trip Insurance is not applicable to glamping rentals, hunting rentals, or large orders requiring a separate deposit.


Gear Insurance: 

Amount Covered* No Coverage


Geek Protect


Geek Protect+


Normal Wear & Usage X X X
Lost Tent Stakes X X
Burn Holes X X
Broken/Bent Pole X X
Broken Zipper X
Return Gear Wet X
Tent Panel Tear(s) X
Rodent Damage X
Stains X

* The “Amount Covered”  is the dollar amount of coverage you will receive towards damage gear repairs.

Covered under all circumstances

Normal wear and usage

  • Normal wear and tear is the expected small and incremental decline in the condition of a property due to normal use.


Covered with Geek Protect and Geek Protect Plus

Lost tent stakes

  • You are covered up to 5 tent stakes getting lost,  but not the stake bag.

Burn Holes

  • Burn holes are covered as long as the hole is no larger than ¼” in diameter, up to 3 holes.

Broken/Bent pole

  • Up to 2 poles are covered if they are bent or broken.


Covered with Geek Protect Plus Only

Broken zipper

  • If the zipper is broken or stuck, this is covered

Return gear wet

  • If your gear is wet, we have you covered.

Panel tears

  • Up to 2 panel tears are covered with this option.

Rodent Damage

  • Did a squirrel chew on your backpack or on your tent? With this option that is covered, up to one panel each.


  • One stain, less than 5” in diameter is covered, anything larger is up to you to cover.