Rent camping tents and supplies in Denver

We have one goal: to get as many people to spend time outside as possible. That’s why we are making it easy to rent quality tents for every outdoor occasion, from rough-n-tumble backcountry camping to cozy and comfortable glamping. You pick the spot, and we’ll find you the perfect tent.

Outdoor retain shop in Denver

We’ll help you set up your tent and your camp anywhere in the US.
Photo: Emily Jackson at Young Living Lavender Farm in Mona, Utah.

Rent tents for every camping occasion

There is roughly a billion campsite to choose from in the US alone. Okay, we didn’t count, but if you can pitch a tent, then it’s a campground. If you can hang a hammock, it’s also a campground, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to finding a spot outdoors to pitch your tent. Maybe someday, the sky won’t be the limit, and we’ll soon be setting up base camp on Mars, but until that day, let’s keep our feet on the ground and find a tent that’s perfect for your earthbound camping trips.

Rent backcountry and basecamp tents for 2 to 8 people

We’ve got tents for the outdoors geek who loves to get off the beaten path and find solitude in the backcountry. We’ve also got tents for campers who like to camp at a campsite, socialize with the neighbors, build a fire in the designated, ready-to-use firepit, and sit in a comfy camp chair.

Okay, full disclosure: our backcountry tents are totally the same as our base camp tents because they are AWESOME and designed to keep you warm, safe, and comfortable wherever you set up camp.

Renting camping gear

With the help of Outdoors Geek, this Boy Scout troop got outfitted with the proper tents and cots.
Photo: Boy Scouts Troop 225, BSA camp Targhee National Forest

Rent hunting tents and glamping tents in Denver

You may not initially think that hunting and glamping have anything in common, but they do: our canvas safari-style tents. Just be sure to let us know if you’re going hunting or glamping so that we can help you furnish your canvas tent appropriately. Although, there’s no reason you can’t go hunting all day long and return to a nice queen size bed and a little reading nook. Our tents can be zipped together, giving you double the space so you can have room for glamping comfort as well as all your hunting gear.

Nothing says hunting (or glamping) like an animal print rug in front of a wood burning stove!!

Rent tents and camping supplies in Denver

Just let us know what type of adventure you’re looking for, and we’ll find the perfect tent and help you furnish your tent for the ultimate outdoor experience. We’ve got wood burning stoves, cots, lanterns, chairs, camp kitchens, two-burner stoves, sleeping pads, and more.

For any outdoor adventure, stop by our outdoor retail shop in Denver and rent a tent and some camping supplies.