Glamping is the new way to camp. When you want to have your cake and eat it, too, you go glamping. When you can’t make up your mind between roughing it in nature and a resort vacation, you go glamping. When you want an outdoor adventure with indoor amenities, you go glamping. When you want to feast on gourmet cuisine and fine wine while sleeping under the stars, you go glamping.

Glamping accessories in Denver

No more wrestling with tent poles and pop-up tents. We’ll set up your white canvas safari tent, complete with all the amenities and comfort fit for glamorous camping.

The first step to glamping is the living accommodation

The location of your glampsite is important. Waking up to breathtaking views and the sound of nature, swimming in lakes, hiking in the mountains, and being one with nature is all a part of making your glamping experience exclusive and luxurious, but what really makes a glamping trip are the accommodations.

The first step to a good glamping is the glamping tent. We’ve set up our share of glamping villages and glamping tents around the US, and every glamping trip begins with a glamorous canvas cabin. A canvas cabin can be one of our beautiful Canvas Safari Style tents, a bell tent, or even a large dome tent. It’s up to you just how much space you need to be truly glamorous.

Everything you need to stay fabulous while glamping

Glamping village set up

Talk to us about setting up a glamping village anywhere in the United States.

Once you’ve picked out your canvas cabin, it’s time to decorate. This is when your personal glamour-puss comes into play. Glamping spares no expense, and you need to personalize your glamping tent to meet all your requirements for staying fabulous and glamorous the whole time. That means decorating your glamping tent with luxury items like carpeting, queen size bed, down comforters, lounge chairs, a couch, and decorative touches like art, fresh flowers, and a fireplace.

Your glamping tent is basically everything you wanted from a resort hotel but in the glamorous accommodations of a big canvas luxury tent.

Geeks are at your glamping service

Outdoors Geek sets up camping villages all over the United States for corporate events, music festivals, weddings, and many other occasions. If you’re looking for something a lot more comfortable than regular camping, we have just the right gear and experience to help make it happen for you.

We can arrange for your entire glamping universe to be delivered anywhere in the US and either you, your friends, or your crew can set up your glamping tent, or Outdoors Geek can put everything together, so you just have to roll up to camp and have everything already set up.