Cooking on campfire.

For all of us that love nature and like to go camping in the wild, finding new camping places to gather new experiences is a must. But before you go camping, it’s very important that you take into consideration some important details that can make the difference between a good camping experience and a bad one.

Food? Yes, thank you.

First, consider (before your camping trip),  how much food and what type of food you will need. Our Geek Advice is that you choose foods that don’t go bad easily. Canned food is a popular choice, plus the shelves are filled with great options so don’t be afraid to get creative, as long as you have a plan! Then make sure you pack enough to keep you going and that you can carry what you pack!  The general rule is to count at least three meals and two snacks, per day for each person. If you’re traveling with friends or extended family, check for any allergies before you consider anything for sharing. If you have allergies, communicate those clearly and then, do it again! Allergic reactions to food can ruin your trips fast, so you can never be too careful.

You will also need enough water or fluids to stay hydrated.

Collegiate Peaks Wilderness

No, you won’t need your blow dryer, pack more snacks instead…

Don’t overpack. You should remember to take only the necessary and avoid over packing. There’s several obvious reasons for this, but we’ll make sure you hear them anyway. Overpacking means: reduced space in your tent or limited space to move around in your car or camper. It also means leftovers (in case of food) which you will need to bring back with you, or even worse, produce waste. And the last thing you want is to carry a heavy backpack on a long hike up a mountain.

If you’re a well-known overpacker, challenge yourself to do better and ask for someone with better packing skills to look through your bag once you’re “done” packing. You’ll be proud of yourself, and everyone else on the trip will thank you for it!

First Aid Kit

Third, remember is to buy or prepare your first aid kit. If you take any meds, pack some extra in case a pill rolls off your hand an into the wild. Or, who knows, you may want to stretch your trip a bit. So make sure you have enough of what you know you need and if accidents  happen, be prepared! It might save a life. And PLEASE, keep your first aid kit with you at all times. Even on day hikes!

Become a Outdoors Geek

We all know geek is the new cool! So our fourth and last geek advice is to take useful products with you on your camping journey; with this we mean bug spray, sunscreen, flashlight, extra batteries, sharp knife, matches… NOT! Of course you need those to be prepared and to avoid a bad camping experience. But we mean the toys! After all that’s what makes you a geek; the right toys! Need help from the official geeks? We have all the toys you need and can give you awesome ideas!

Avoid Missing Any Details Before Your Camping Adventure

Outdoors Geek: to rent or to buy? That’s the dilemma….

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