In Fall, the record high temps finally drop and most of the bugs are gone. The thick humidity that makes it hard to breathe at times gets broken and in its place are cool Fall breezes! Yes, hikers, Fall has arrived and boy are we glad!

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy Hiking’s best season! With just a few adjustments to your summer camping and hiking prep list you can set up camp in the fall without investing in new fall/winter equipment.

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Gear Tips:

You’re gonna need to carry a few more things for this backpacking trip than you did this summer. So plan for several layers and lots of changes of clothes and a change of shoes – just in case.  Your summer day pack may need to find a place to hibernate until spring. Look for a more sturdy pack for carrying the extras you’re gonna want close by.

Don’t forget you need to keep your body away from cold surfaces, including the ground. Take along your sleeping pad and cold weather sleeping bag. This extra bulk needs to fit into the pack so find a comfortable pack you can put everything in!

Thermarest_Trail_Lite for saleCampsite Tips: 

Set up camp above low lying areas, like meadows and shorelines where cold damp air settles. Remember clear skies mean temps will be colder because the ground’s heat is allowed to escape more quickly.

Avoid wind: don’t set up camp near ridge lines or narrow spots where wind can pick up speed. Pay attention to surrounding foliage. Trees with naked sides can mean wind hits from that direction. Take note and avoid that area.

Make camp where you can find an Eastern exposure to enjoy the early mooring sunlight or else choose a spot with a Southern exposure to allow your tent to stay warm for a longer period of the day.

Trail Tips:

When you head out on a challenging hike in cooler temps your body’s sweat is really working to cool your body down – the problem is the cooling sweat is soaking your inner layers intended for warmth. You may be able to go hard during the summer months, but you may want to adjust your pace in the fall to keep your body’s temp from climbing too high and then sweating too much for cool temps. You have to keep your inner layers dry. This may mean you need to take your pace down a notch about 30 minutes before returning to base camp so that your body heat can work at drying the inner layers wet with sweat.

Be sure to choose a route for your hike that has a minimal wind exposure. Sticking to a forest or canyon is a safe bet to minimize ripping winds.  Moving air makes your skin cool faster which is why windchill makes temperatures feel colder.

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