Easy Care First Aid SystemGoing  on a camping trip? Here are some supplies and accessories you might need

First aid kit:  Always a must and you want it at hand at all times for you never know when you’ll need it most. As a matter of fact you should have a complete first aid kit at base camp, but it is also a good idea to have a portable one to take with you on day hikes and such.

Sunscreen: A bad sun burn is one of the things that can surely cut a trip short. Always apply sunscreen before being exposed to the sun and remember to reapply every two hours especially if you have been sweating or took a cooling dip.

Insect repellent: one of those items we usually take for granted, until we need it and don’t have it! The whole idea of spending time outdoors is to have a good time, and if you are being eaten alive by mosquitoes you will probably not be having such a good time. Do yourself a favor, always pack insect repellent.

Compass: it’s fun! But also need to get oriented in case of an emergency and does not take much space. You should always have a very good idea of where you are, make sure you really are comfortable using a compass and /or a gps if you have passion for the outdoors.

Great accessory an amazing compass

Flashlights and glow sticks:  These will make life easier around the camp, and are cool for a night hike with the kids.

Camera: An old fashioned digital camera is a wise choice when you want your kids to be more engaged in the adventure and less caught up in texting and posting stuff. So avoid the excuse of the camera is on my phone and revive your digital photography machine. Remember where you put it?

Toys, games and a few planned activities are important to have kids, and all the family engaged during your trip. Whether on a long road trip or a quiet camping spot. Get creative, research, your activities do not have to make people roll their eyes. If you have older kids in the group, involve them in the game planning. They can be your best ally or your worst enemy on this one. Be extra careful with your pets, they can also get dehydrated, remember they are part of the family so treat them as one.

Bedding options:  The correct pillows, blankets, sleeping bags and sleeping mats, will make a big difference! Sleeping well will be a big part of everyone´s mood and energy level for the next day. Nobody wants to be around a grumpy camper and happy campers need to sleep well.

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 Being Safe is a Must

Always remember to be careful. We at outdoors geek have lots of supplies and accessories that will help you to your final resting place or next destination. We hope you will be delighted with everything we have to offer you. We know which is the best gear for your next trip, so feel free to contact us for advice.

If you want to have the best camping trip possible, you’ll want to stay plug in to our stuff! We want to help you learn more about the outdoors, whatever your level of experience.

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