No matter how backcountry and off trail you want to be, safety must always play an important role in all outdoor adventures! You may be a thrill seeker and have years of experience exploring “off the map”, but as you plan and prep consider the worst case scenario and hope you never have to use your survival skills.


A must-have Communication / GPS accessory

Delorme InReach ExplorerAs you prepare a packing list for your next trip, consider adding a Delorme InReach Explorer as a rental or purchase. This is the ultimate device, an amazing piece of technology that pairs with your cell phone, very easy to use.. Great for safety, navigation and communication.

Serving as both a GPS navigation device and a two way communication device, The Explorer also offers unique capabilities including GPS topo maps (when paired with your cell phone), location tracking so your friends and family can follow your adventure, two way texting using the Iridium Satellite System and possibly most importantly, The Explorer can send a rescue SOS signal and you can communicate with the rescue team the nature of your emergency.

  • GPS navigation device – set up way points, track your progress, and plan routes
  • Two way communication – using either the device directly or it’s blue tooth cell phone pairing feature, you can communicate directly with friends, loved ones or a rescue team.
  • Location tracking – friends and family can track the progress of your adventure
  • Emergency Rescue – two way communication is the ultimate in a rescue situation. Emergency response teams can advise you to the best course of action and their expected time and mode of arrival.
  • Confirmation of message sent – receive confirmation that your message was sent to the intended recipient. The Iridium Satellite System, the same system used for back country cell service, provides delivery confirmation of all messages.

TIP from The GEEK:

“I’ve used the InReach Explorer and it has performed flawlessly. When using all features, the battery life is 2 to 3 days. There are power saving modes which will significantly increase battery life. It’s important to note that the battery is “on board” like your cell phone. This means for extended trips you will want a battery charging device or solar charger.”

– You can call The GEEK at (303)699-6944 with additional questions. Ask for Will.

The InReach Explorer provides a three in one device unparalleled in the industry. You now have the ability to do more than just sending pre-programmed messages. You can stay in touch with loved ones, navigate and track your progress, and communicate with emergency rescue. It’s a game changer!


Note: the device does require data, so plan in advance how much you plan to use it and set apart an extra amount in case of any emergencies…

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If you buy the Delorme Explorer outright, the price is $379.00 plus data package. While it’s a great piece of technology to have on hand for an off trail trip, you may wonder if its worth your investment. How many times will you really need a device of this kind? For many people, it could be only one time each year. The great news is that Outdoors Geek rents the Delorme InReach Explorer and the base rental price for 1-3 days starts at $89.00 including 2000 bits of data. A great price point for the safety and convenience of this incredible tool.

The Delorme products stand as great devices that can send and receive messages and provide delivery confirmation – a great insurance for backcountry communication! Which is why we recommend carrying one with you on your next camping, backpacking or any outdoor adventure. Trust the reliability of the Delorme InReach Explorer, the safeguard for your outdoor adventures near or far! You can stay connected with InReach.