Glamorous Camping Destinations Have Gone Intercontinental

Glamorous camping, or glamping, has spread to just about every continent on Earth. When you live in Colorado, it's hard to believe there are more beautiful places to go glamping, but in the spirit of adventure, we're looking beyond the homey confines of Colorado. This...

Bear Canisters and Gear Rental in Denver

Tents, backpacks, and bear canisters (oh, my!) If kids pantomime theater and cartoons have taught us anything, it’s that bears are hilarious, and they sometimes wear hats. However, if you’ve ever come across a bear while camping in bear country, you know that they...

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Walk the Colorado Trails Like a Runway

New Winter Fashion One day you’re in, and the next day you’re out. We love people who are out. Outside, that is. (Ba-dum-bum. These are the jokes, people!) All (bad) jokes aside, being an outdoors geek doesn’t mean we don’t want to look good. We know what it feels...

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Gear Rental and Camping Equipment

The last thing you want when you’re camping with your family is to come face to face with a mama bear and her cubs. This is a situation that could end very badly. However, the traits of a mama bear are traits that every parent will recognize in themselves. So, let's...

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Avalanches: Know Before You Go

Snowshoeing in Colorado If you love extreme snowsports or any sport that takes you to snow-covered mountains, you need to educate yourself on avalanches. Avalanches are equal opportunity killers; they don’t care why you are in the mountains, they will take down...

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New Year, New Outdoor Adventures

Happy New Year, Geeks! Make 2017 the year that you seek out new outdoor adventures. There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored, and Outdoors Geek has the gear and the equipment to keep you safe, no matter wherever your adventurous spirit takes you....

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Outdoor Retailer Winter Tradeshow 2017

Most people are looking forward to Christmas and Hanukkah and New Year’s Eve, but here at Outdoors Geek, we can’t wait for January 9th-12th, 2017, because that is when Santa brings his Outdoor Retailers Winter Workshop to Salt Lake City, Utah, for all the outdoors...

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Tent Rental in Colorado

We have one goal: to get as many people to spend time outside as possible. That’s why we are making it easy to rent quality tents for every outdoor occasion, from rough-n-tumble backcountry camping to cozy and comfortable glamping. You pick the spot, and we’ll find...

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Holiday Snowshoeing in Colorado

Let us preface this blog by saying that we love all of our friends and family, but by Golly, all the friends, family, and holiday cheer is enough to drive the sanest person completely bonkers! Luckily, we live in Colorado, so all we have to do is put on our snowshoes...

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Camping Gifts in Denver

As we begin to give thanks for Thanksgiving, think about what types of gifts would be the best "thank you" to an outdoors geek in your family or circle of friends. Any outdoors geek loves their gear and their tents. Outdoors Geek has the best tents and equipment on...

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Winter Hikes in the Front Range

When you live in Colorado, winter won’t stop you from hitting your favorite trails. Just because our great state is blanketed in snow doesn’t mean you have to hang up your hiking boots. The trails are still open, and there is plenty of winter wonderland to explore,...

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